My Websites and Blogs will Earn me a Lifetime Income, here’s how and why.

Make Money using Blogger with Adsense

Google AdSense is a Google program where you can host pay-per-click (PPC) ads on your blog and earn money when someone clicks on your ads.  Here are all the steps required to set up your blog to make money using Blogger with Adsense:

  1. Thousands start their blog just out of wham without any plan, any purpose or any research.  Start a blog with a topic you are passionate about.
  2. Killer branding.  Come up with a memorable, intriguing, descriptive domain name.
  3. Have a solid design since design is your first impression.  Anyone who comes to your site will judge your site only in a few seconds.  Do justice to your content by having an eye-catching design.
  4. Test your content on social media.  Start social media BEFORE you start your blog.  This way you can share expertise in an area even before you have a blog.  Post on Twitter several times a day and watch how many people reply to your content.    For example, Sibyl Chavis who has a blog  has over 30,000 Facebook following.
  5. Launch strategy.  This is a one-time event to make you blog come online.  Do not waste the opportunity to make a big splash.  Many blogs are popular because they started with a big launch event by writing killer content and then sending it out to as many people as possible.  Before you launch your blog, have several posts in your blog; so it does not seem like ghost-town.
  6. The most important point: epic content.  It takes something extraordinary to stand out from the millions of blogs out there.  Mediocre content or even good content won’t cut it.  You have to come up with something that is really meaningful and outstanding.  Content that makes people take notes on, bookmark it or maybe take some action on.  That’s the kind of content that will engage someone and make him a lifelong fan of yours.  Looks at successful blogs and look at their formula for success.  This will lead to engaged audience who will buy your products and services and other things for sale.
  7. The second most important point: make friends with other bloggers.  Visitors do not come to your blog out of thin air to your site.  Connect with other bloggers.  You have to figure out where they are already hanging out and draw them back into your own site.  Make connections with people you are naturally drawn to and turn those friendships into business.  Make personal, intimate one-to-one relationships.
  8. Off-site promotion.  To make money with AdSense, you must increase your organic traffic or there will be none to click the sponsored listings.  Visitors that come from search engines are looking for something very specific that they searched and when they land at your blog they are most likely to click on your AdSense units.  Write a guest post for other blogs and send a link to your blog.  It is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your account.  Share your own content on social bookmarking.  Social bookmarking is another way to draw traffic to your blog.  Facebook and Twitter send most traffic to your site.
  9. Be different if you want to grow.  It takes seconds for visitors to realize that a blog is different.  Add a tag, a sidebar, or an about page that shows you are different.  This is a concept known as differentiation.  Why should someone spend time on your blog and not on the million others?
  10. Lastly, monetize your blog.  But before monetizing your blog make sure that, your content is top notch, your traffic is high, you have a loyal audience, and your design is clean.  Build an authority blog first, then worry about making money from it.  Once your blog gets high traffic (more than 1,000 visitors daily) and more than 70% of the traffic comes from search engines, you are ready to meet the two basic requirements of making money with AdSense.  Carefully study the rules of Adsense and apply for Google Adsense after selecting one of these three options:
  • Google AdSense for Content – A variety of ads are available for placing in your content. These can be either full ad or just a strip of text links for your visitors to click.
  • Google AdSense for Search – You can place a search box on your Web site. When a user enters a search, a search results page opens, that displays more pay-per-click ads.
  • Google Referrals – You make money by referring visitors to use a Google product, like Google AdSense, Google AdWords, the Google Toolbar and other Google software.  If someone goes to your site and clicks the Adsense link and opens up an AdSense account, when that person earns a $10 from Google AdSense, you will also receive $10 for referring them.

Once you apply for one of these Google Adsense ads, Google will review your site for feasible content and once your blog is approved, you may populate your site with ads.

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